Local Guide

Our Local Favorites




  • Bouboulina Serves all of the classic Greek dishes, including fish as fresh as it gets (located right next to the fish market).
  • Agios 
  • Provenza In the heart of Dapia, Provenza offers a variety of dishes that will not disappoint. Watch all the passersby while polishing off your wine and pasta.
  • Zogeria Restaurant Located in one of the most beautiful bays on the island, it has a limited but delicious menu.
  • Akrogalgia Listen to the sound of the waves lapping on the shore while you enjoy your dinner at tables set up on the beach!
  • Patralis and Nero Tys Agapis Both are delicious, high-end, seafood restaurants with decks overlooking an incredible view, especially for sunset.
  • Tarsanas Delicious seafood restaurant right on the water. You can pick your fish from the display inside, and watch the boats entering and leaving the Old Harbour (Palio Limani) as it is prepared.



  • Roussos Local favorite. Enjoy a variety of coffee and cocktails, breakfast and pastries, and authentic desserts as you watch passengers come and go from the Main Port. Central location with a beautiful view.
  • Klimis Enjoy homemade Loukoumades (authentic Greek donut with honey and cinnamon) as you sit seaside. Also serves coffee, breakfast and assorted desserts.
  • Politis Great place to go for the traditional almond sweets ('amygdalota').

Bars / Nightclubs

  • Spetsa Bar Local favorite. Listen to the classics as you sit with friends and enjoy reasonably priced drinks. Great spot to have a conversational drink or two before heading home or heading out.
  • Socrates Pub British pub offering a football match almost every night. Creative drink names and even beer pong will make for a fun night out.
  • Bikini Night Club Lively late night club with a mix of Greek and international music.
  • Cielo Mar Great place for snacks and drinks with an amazing view, especially for sunset.


Fun fact: almost all of the beaches in Spetses are named after the church located nearby!

By Foot

  • Agios Mamas Closest beach to the center of town. Has a large open shore as well as a nearby ledge with free lounge chairs if you come early enough! Very kid-friendly.
  • Agios Nikolaos Located between the main harbour (Dapia) and the Old Harbour (Palio Limani). Has a small pebbly beach as well as a short dock, perfect for jumping in and a great snorkel spot.
  • Kaiki Beach Nearby beach with a great restaurant, beach bar, beach volleyball court, cabanas, and water sports. It is also the wedding venue!

By Vespa

  • Vrelos Beach Has a fun beach bar and a beach volleyball court. Check out the small wooden pier that is perfect for cannonballs!
  • Agia Marina/Paradise Beach Lively beach bar with cabanas and water sports.
  • Ligoneri Beach Secluded beach with two very different parts. The short, last section of the drive from the road down to the beach is steep and a bit treacherous. Might be best to walk down if you are less comfortable driving the vespa.

Also Available By Boat

  • Agii Anargiri Large beach with a cafe, beach chairs, and water sports. Don't forget to check out the underwater Bekiri's cave just around the corner! You can walk along the short, labeled path, and it is a great snorkel back!
  • Agia Pareskevi Beautiful and quiet pebble beach with a small cafe.
  • Zogeria Secluded bay with stunning water and a delicious restaurant. Great for snorkeling! Somewhat treacherous vespa ride from the road into the bay, so consider going by boat unless you feel very comfortable on the vespa.

Other Activities

  • Bouboulina Museum A must-do while you are here! A visit to Bouboulina’s Museum on Spetses reveals the fascinating story of the heroine of the 1821 Greek War of Independence, who until recently had the honour of being the only female Admiral in world Naval history.
  • Spetses Private Cruising on the Traditional Greek Wooden Kaiki, “Doryssa” Explore nature to the fullest by visiting stunning secluded bays and relaxing under the renowned Greek sun on a private cruise. Reach out to the captain, Stelios Dedetsinas, on WhatsApp (+30) 6940 572 137.
  • Monastery Beautiful, secluded monastery on the top of the hill that houses numerous Greek Orthodox nuns.
  • Spétses Museum Its exhibits cover 4000 years of the island's cultural history, and is housed in the mansion of Chatzigiannis-Mexis, which was built in 1798.