Getting Around

Transportation on the Island

Spetses is a car-free island, so you might decide to rent bikes, vespas, or quad motorbikes.

Vespa, Bicycle, Quad Bike, and Electric Bike Rentals

  • Spetses Rent a Bike Located between the town square (Poseidonion) and the wedding venue (Kaiki Beach Club). Has vespas, quad bikes, bicycles, electric bicycles, and golf carts available for rent. Map
  • Spetses Moto Rent Also located between Poseidonion and Kaiki, with vespas, quad bikes, bicycles, and electric bicycles for rent. Map
  • Stanathiotis Moto Rentals Just a three minute walk from the main port, has both vespas and quad bikes available for rent. Map
  • Life Cycle - Rent an e-bike or go on a hike and get a guided tour of the island! Map
  • Nikkos Bikes Located next to the Nissia Hotel. The owner is an expert on bicycles, both electric and conventional, and also rents vespas and quad bikes. Map
  • Bike Center Spetses - Located directly in the middle of town, exclusively for bicycles, electric or conventional. Map
  • Ilias Rent a Bike Located near the Old Harbour (Palio Limani), has vespas and bicycles for rent. Map
  • Nautilus Rent a Moto Located next to Agios Mamas beach. Has vespas, quad bikes, and bicycles available for rent. Map

Wherever you rent from, make sure that you inspect for dents and take photos at time of rental. While it is most often most convenient to find a rental place near your accommodation, many companies can organize for the rental to be dropped off.


There are two 'bus lines' on the island, the difference being that they depart from two different points in the town and that they have two different drivers.

The first bus departs from the town beach, named Agios Mamas and travels in a south-eastern direction, with its final destination being Agia Paraskevi, the beach on the southern side of the island. The other bus departs from the Poseidonion jetty and travels in a south-western direction, with its final destination being Vrelos Beach on the south-west of the island. They both stop at other beaches en route:

Passengers usually buy a round trip ticket, although passengers stopping at Agii Anargyri or Agia Paraskevi may buy a one way ticket and then decide to take the boat back for a different experience. All times should be checked in advance. Times are on boards at both stops.

Caiques/Kaiki's (Boats)

Caiques are traditionally small, wooden fishing boats. They are also used to transport tourists from place to place. Spetses, being famous for its boat building, is not short of Caiques, and the larger ones are used to take holiday makers to the beaches each day. These boats are moored at the main port, called 'Dapia' and they have signs on them advertising their beach destination. Most go to Agii Anargyri(the beach with the famous cave and cliff jumping site), Agia Paraskevi (here Sophia's parent's got engaged), and Zogeria beachwhere the movie The Lost Daughter was shot) and across to the mainland to the port and beach of Kosta.

They usually work in strict rotation. When the first boat fills up, they will head for the beach (approximately 10.30am) and then the next one will fill up and so on. The last one usually leaves between 12.30 - 1pm. You have to return on the boat that you travelled on in the morning. The first boat to leave in the morning will be the first boat to leave the beach and then so on. (Boats depart beaches from between 4 - 6pm). The boatman will tell you what time they will depart in the afternoon, when you pay for your ticket on the outward journey. They have fixed prices. Prices are €3 each way to Kosta and €8 with return to Agii Anargyri/Ayia Paraskevi.


Spetses does not yet have access to ride share services, but there are a few taxis in operation on the island. Here are a couple of phone numbers for taxis on the island:

  • +30 (694) 685-3253
  • +30 (694) 263-5656
  • +30 (697) 705-0529

They are usually waiting in the main harbour (Dapia), either parked near the horse buggies or on the jetty. You can book a taxi to meet you off the ferry. Usually in high season, they have already been booked for arrivals. However, if they are booked, they will point you in the direction of another one, or they will arrange to come back and pick up you and your luggage.

Horse Carriages

Horse carriages are a very traditional mode of transport on Spetses, and they are not something you will find on many other Greek islands. They are usually favoured for short trips, e.g going on a sightseeing trip of the Old Harbour (Palio Limani) from the main harbour (Dapia), getting to some of the nearer beaches, or for a stylish way to pull up to the wedding! They will also transport you to and from your accommodation, but will have a limit on the number of passengers and the weight of the luggage. They can be pre-booked, or up to about four passengers can just hail one and jump in. There is a price list in Dapia where they have their 'horse stop' and like the bus, they also have another 'horse stop' on the Poseidonion jetty, to service the west side of the island. Check prices before you jump in.

Water Taxis

Water Taxis are available all day and all night. They can be found moored right in the main harbour (Dapia) and also at Kosta on the mainland, as a way of getting to the island. There is a price list by the steps, and they work in rotation i.e taking the nearest one moored, first. They can also be pre-booked, and there is a list of telephone numbers by the price list. You may also be able to negotiate a special price on one of the larger water taxis for a group of passengers wishing to have a round trip day out. They operate anywhere on the island (beach wise) and will also go to anywhere along the edge of the mainland, opposite Spetses. They are very popular for whisking people back from the Old Harbour (Palio Limani) at the end of a late night.